Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful time in northern Illinois visiting with family. Everyone was there and the kids had a very special Christmas. We spent the day with Mom and Dad and Chelsea and Loreto, playing with new toys and games and watching football of course.

Christmas eve at my Grandma's house was fun and filled with laughs and people we love and wonderful food. We always enjoy special traditions to give honor and glory to Jesus our Lord on Christmas! We thanked God for healing my Dad and we enjoyed a healthy Christmas at his home all together. Well, healthy with exception to minor things.. this year all four of us suffered through a stomach flu... Emma and Ryan on Christmas Eve and Gene and I after Christmas, but we couldn't leave Loreto out, he joined us as well!

Either way it will be a memorable holiday and we had a great time anyway! Merry Christmas!

My boys playing cars!

My beautiful sister, Chelsea.

Loreto. Well what did you expect?

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