Thursday, September 3, 2009

Island Fun!

I did not take as many pictures as I wanted but here are a few..

Gene taking the kids to the pool. We love those skin saving rash guards! Aren't they cute!

Ryan befor the pool all covered in California Baby sunscreen!

Some days Emma would run out there and some days she needed some time to get used to the noisy waves! Good thing she has such a patient and loving Daddy. I just love this picture!

I spent most of my time in the shade of our beach tent with Alivia. Here Emma hangs with Mom for a few moments.
Having the beach tent was awesome! It looks so easy and quick to set up but I never set it up or tore it down... Daddy always did, in the heat, wind AND even rain and always under 10 minutes! Thanks babe!
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  1. Wow! You all have had a fabulous summer!!

    Hope you are looking forward to a fun week :o)