Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ryan and 1000 Gifts

(pic update below)Tuesday is my Monday this week... After a very long week, and Gene working thru the weekend, we took Monday off. We are just now mentally, emotionally, physically and housekeeping-ly catching up. Lots to be thankful for. I need to keep a paper list through out the week to jot the gifts I receive. I thought many times of my little blog this week as I thanked God for so much. But never got pen to paper...
Anyway, last Monday we went to the park for a shared recess time with other homeschool families. It was beautiful sunshiney and clear. I looked forward to showing off my beautiful baby to happy mommies and letting my kiddos run and play with other awesome kiddos. We brought bikes this time. Ryan lost control of his bike and went down face first into pavement (see thankfulness list #11). My beautiful friend A (see #12) ran to his side as I jogged trying not to injure Alivia also by shaking her up! When A saw that he was obviously going to need much more than a kiss to make things better she took my girls and I took my "baby" Ryan, wrapping his chin in the sling that had just held baby Alivia. He bled, he screamed, his face looked like he'd been attacked by our neighbors dog (which I secretly fear) and I took him to an ER 3 minutes from the park ("great!" I naively think, "immediate attention to my child!"), only to be told of course, to sit and wait and wait and wait. As Ryan calmed, I got him an ice pack from the nurses and relayed to them that he told me he could hear his ear filling with fluid (which we later found to be blood). They didn't seem to think that was a big deal, so we waited more. Once the Doctor saw him, we were promptly sent to Children's: apparently, bleeding in the ear ...not so good.
Meanwhile, Ryan asks if some of his chin is left on the ground (it looks great now by the way see number13)
This all started about 3 in the afternoon and we got home somewhere around 2 in the morning. He received CT scans and xrays. We were told first about the result of the scan by an ER surgeon (gulp) who was called down by mistake, the ENT didn't make it to our room with the results that we already heard from the surgeon, for about an hour. Surgeon doctor says no surgery needed, ENT doctor says definite surgery with metal plate on jaw to hold bones together. So we get home and pray and go back to the ENT the next day (see #14) ENT says no surgery, see you in a month. 5 days later Gene takes Ryan to the ER (ER because 5 days fell on the weekend) to get the stitches out. Unhappy boy, pain involved but it was over quick. He is healing beautifully. Still though, I wish sometimes I had a little xray machine at home to watch that jaw progress for my own security!

Ryan 9-14 keeping busy with the DS and all covered with neosporin...
9-25 twelve days later!

Resting in Him.
Thankful for the blanket of prayer for our family last week and it continues so I'm told!

holy experience

...or "Multitude Tuesday night". I'll get this blogging thing eventually.

11. Helmets.
12. Friends that lovingly anticipate your needs in times of crisis.
13. The healing power of Jehovah-Rapha (Exodus 15: 22-27)
14. Friends that tell friends that tell friends to pray and they do and God answers as the Master Physician.
15. Our sweet, funny, smiley, trusting, courageous, beautiful big brown-eyed Ryan Alexander.
16. Alivia bringing belly laughs to the seriously somber ER.
17. Emma learning to trust. Mommy learning to share her.
18. Bunking with my 7 year old for a few days again. Just like old times.
19. A 4 year old's dinner blessing... "Thank you for the food, for my friends, for my family.... for your Gospel."
20. Another day, another tomorrow full of more gifts from Him, another chance to share these kinds of gifts with others.

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  1. the first pics of Ryan were actually more like 9/17!