Monday, November 23, 2009

Multitude Monday

...a continuation of my weekly gathering of joy, of thankfulness, of gifts He gives.

44. The relentlessness of God on my soul.
45. The relentlessness of Alivia to reach these keys as I type.
46. My 4 year old giggling in my lap.
47. The pure delight in my baby's face when she catches my glance.
48. Hearing my mom and dad pine over pictures of their grandchildren, my children.
49. Sunshine in the morning.
50. Listening to my husband read from God's word to my children.
51. Warm morning little girl cuddles fresh from night's sleep.
52. Weekends that linger more than you expected.
53. Quiet moments with God interrupted by chattering children breakfasting.
54. Baby easily nursing back to sleep for another hour of morning rest.
55. Looking forward and anticipating a long weekend like I did as a child.

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