Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1000 Gifts

I've been feeling the need to begin blogging a fraction of the blessings that HE covers me with.
So continued from last year... small and big ways I've been shown love from the God of the universe this week.

124. Colors bursting through clouds in early morning.
125. A husband that loves and encourages me into reaching for things I didn't think possible.
126. His arms around my waist.
127. The smell of a campfire and joy all around.
128. Stories that move me to tears of fear and adoration of my God. He is at work just as much as He was in the Old Testament.
129. Noticing the trees bend and bow and sing praises to their creator.
130. That Horton heard a Who.
131. Unexpected friends. Multiplied fun.
132. The cross where He bled to keep me from myself, my pride and my sin.

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